Challenges and new opportunities of digital transformation in industry, stars of the “Digital Talks”

During today’s schedule, and as part of BeDigital, the second edition of the “Digital Talks” conference programme has taken place. The meeting, whose inauguration was attended by Xabier Basañez, CEO of Bilbao Exhibition Centre, Xabier Ortueta, Managing Director of AFM Cluster, and Tomás Iriondo, General Manager of Gaia, addressed the new opportunities in the Industry 4.0 manufacturing process, concerning digital transformation.

 “The digitalisation of the industrial world requires companies to reinvent their business models, production and value chains in order to create more value through digital means”, underlined Xabier Basañez. Digitalisation does pose challenges, but it also opens up a new range of possibilities.

On this basis, and in order to show the new keys to addressing the shift towards digitalisation, speakers from user companies, renowned suppliers in the sector, as well as national and international technology centres presented a broad series of proposals and experiences focussed on Pre-production / Production / Post-production. They included, among others, representatives of top-level firms such as Fraunhofer, Tubacex, S21Sec, Garnica Plywood, SPRI, Prodware and Accenture.

Machinery digitalisation, digital consistency in the development of intelligent systems through the use of digital twins, advanced solutions based on augmented and mixed reality, and the digital reinvention of the industry were some of the topics discussed during the “Digital Talks”.

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