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The digital transformation is advancing at a dizzying rate: virtual and augmented reality, integrated manufacturing systems, Big Data, Cloud Services, IoT, cyber-security…

These and many other digital processes enable companies to accelerate and streamline their production, reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials, as well as accelerate interactions with clients. In short, optimise their resources and production quality to successfully compete in a global market that is increasingly demanding and better informed.

We invite you to find out about the best tools to advance in the digital transformation path and be positioned at the forefront of the most advanced technology.

At BeDIGITAL, you will find:

  • General conferences to embark on the path towards this transformation, which is essential within the framework of Industry 4.0.
  • Technical conferences, aimed at offering the best solutions adapted to specific needs.
  • Specialised companies in the most appropriate solutions and tools for the profile of your company and its level of digital maturity.
  • The opportunity of finding out about the experience of other companies of the sector.
  • The possibility of understanding the latest technology that forms part of the industrial week, the largest platform of Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing.

Consultancy firms, ICT, technology centres, software companies, special equipment firms, process automation… among others await you to offer you the latest in:

  • Big Data, Business Analytics, Smart Data for industry: software and solutions
  • Cloud services, IT services and outsourcing
  • Development of industrial systems and software for specific applications
  • Software-based solutions for Industry 4.0 & IoT
  • Industrial engineering services
  • Virtual reality systems for industrial applications
  • Viewing systems
  • Specific software solutions for industry automation
  • Basic software and system-oriented software
  • Software and solutions for specific sectors
  • Cyber-security: software development, product distribution, hardware components manufacturing, services
  • Telecommunications: software, hardware, advanced services
  • Information Technologies
  • …, among others