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Please register to obtain your badge, free of charge, for BEDIGITAL 2019.

From 13th May on: Registration fee for professionals 15€

Please make sure you write correctly your email address, as we will send you the BADGE by EMAIL.

Inscription valid only for professionals of the sector over 18. Not valid for students.

Should you have any problem when sending the inscription form filled in, please fax it to the following number: +34 94 40 40 008

This badge will also give you free access to the exhibition area of: ADDIT3D, SUBCONTRATACION, INDUSTRY TOOLS by Ferroforma, MAINTENANCE, PUMPS & VALVES, FITMAQ and POLVERI & ECOCOATING.

This badge will not give you access to the Conferences. For more Conference information please click here.

If you do not see the form click here.