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What is BeDIGITAL?2019-07-03T10:53:54+02:00

Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC) and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AFM) present the first event aimed at the industrial application of digital technologies.


The hub of digital transformation is related to the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution. The industrial-scale application of automated systems in production processes, the onset of cyber-physical systems and the interconnection of production units, achieving digital production networks, enable production to be accelerated and resources to be used more efficiently.

Our companies are also immersed in this digital transformation, aware of the fact that digitalisation offers new opportunities to improve production processes, increasing productivity, energy efficiency, use of resources and cost savings, to foster industrial competitiveness.

At BEC and AFM, we are not strangers to this transformation and as organisers of BIEMH, the largest event on Advanced Manufacturing and Industry 4.0, we want to provide the strategic industrial sectors in our country an appropriate platform for knowledge transfer and practical demonstration of what “Industrial Digitalisation” has to offer.

For this reason, we have created BeDIGITAL, a meeting point for the drivers of the digitalisation tools and industrial user companies and potential users of these tools.

BeDIGITAL brings digital technologies closer to companies which need to find out about the tools suited to their profiles, as well as advanced contents for those that are already applying digitalisation to their processes and production plants.

Under a practical format, we present BeDIGITAL within the framework of the industrial week with the certainty that it is the best context to address the digital transformation challenge and its application to industry.

Here, we would like to pass on our confidence and enthusiasm in this new challenge that has arisen to help increase the competitiveness of the companies that make up our industrial network.

We invite you to join this project and work together to achieve the best results for your company.