Smart Compact VPN Router

Smart Compact VPN Router
Smart Compact VPN Router - Presente en feria

With the SCR series, INSYS icom, technology partner for professional data communication and connection of data, launches modern routers with a compact, flexibly mountable housing. These new iIoT gateways are available now.
The SCR series features the icom operating system (icom OS) and the icom SmartBox Linux environment. This virtual environment allows to execute scripts and programs or store and process data in so-called containers (LXC) on the router – all independent of each other. Therefore, the SCR is not only suitable for secure remote maintenance but also as a cost-effective solution for edge computing applications like condition monitoring or data analytics. Moreover, conditions and values of connected devices can be monitored independent of the protocol and various cloud services can be connected for applications like reporting or benchmarking. Amongst others, stateful firewall and VPN functionality, for example using the VPN service icom Connectivity Suite – VPN, provide IT security.

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