Digital Twins & Simulation

Digital Twins & Simulation
Digital Twins & Simulation - On show

Virtual Reality environments for : 

  • Design and prototyping ( with our own hardware technology)
  • Plant production monitoring 
  • Surveillance, maintenance and security
Nowadays, companies can optimize its physical operating environment by creating a living model of the physical asset, or digital twin and the digital thread, that combines physics-based models and data-driven analytics, to not only extend the life of assets but also to adopt new business and asset models in the long term. 

Digital twins can be used through the life of the product to model complex design, process, and equipment modifications in the virtual world before applying them into real world, to real-time production monitoring or surveillance management.

It makes it possible to manufacture extremely high quality products.
The virtual model and all potentially imaginable realities and extreme conditions can then be tested and optimized.

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